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Welcome to Betsy Rivers Kennedy's Web Site

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Envelope  Addressing
 is one  of many services I offer.  While black ink and the formal Italic hand are standard, I can also match fonts similar to the type faces  of the bride's invitation. 

Formal Italic/Black ink are standard
     Per envelope___$1.00 each envelope
                        +  $1.00  Per line
Lined or dark envelopes. $1.00 each per set (inner and outer envelopes)
Matching printer's font.    $.50 per set
Color match (other than black) for writing.        $.50 per set
Rush orders-add 50%
*Some envelope finishes are wonderful to address while others can present major problems in accepting ink or gouache. Therefore, I must charge an additional $.50/envelope, to "treat" each difficult envelope before writing on it.  I need to test one before I can accurately quote the price.

Suggestions or opinions?

Email you thoughts, or come see me in person.

A lot of my work consists of commissioned pieces like the works shown.
I can offer anything from black letters on white paper to 24K gold on vellum, illustrated or illuminated.

I calculate the cost of a simple writing by the letter-$.40 to $1.00 per letter- and the materials I am incorporating.  Then, depending on the budget, I can include artwork.

About Betsy Rivers-Kennedy
ADDRESS 3843 Beach Avenue
                 Norfolk, VA 23504
               Telephone-   cell:   757-434-8041 
EDUCATION       B.S. Industrial Arts Education
                                                  Virginia Polytechnic Institute-1966
                              Post Graduate classes -Department of Art Education
                                                                  University of Houston-1980-81
                             Post Graduate classes-Art
                                                                Old Dominion University-1986-87
                           Continuing Education-Calligraphy
                                              Year course w. Reggie Ezzell-1992 and 1997
                                              Private studies and workshops with Donald 
                                                         Jackson, Sheila Waters, Ieuan Rees, 
                                             Mark Van Stone, Peter Thornton, & others
Attendance of 20+ international calligraphy conferences since 1981
2017- Still working as an artist/calligrapher and teaching at One 11 Art.
Instructor                   International Calligraphy Conferences--2000-2006
        Artist- calligrapher,    111 ART, 111 Pennsylvania Ave.
                                                            Norfolk, VA 23504
      Artist-calligrapher, D' Art Center, Norfolk, VA--1990-2008
       Artist-calligrapher-retail shop owner
               Scribal Writes, Virginia Beach, VA--1986-90
      Artist-calligrapher—freelance Lunnenburg, MA--1981-85
      Artist-calligrapher-freelance-   Houston, TX--1978-81
      Calligraphy  teacher-- Lunenburg Arts Center & Fitchburg Art Museum,
                                         Lunenburg,  & Fitchburg  , MA--1972-76
      Mechanical Drawing Teacher Bennettsville High, Bennettsville, SC-1968-69
                                         Chesapeake Bay Watercolorists Best in Show- 2010
                      Many more awards
                      Second Place-Drawing-Suffolk Art Museum-1996
                                        Honorable  Mention. Wakefield Art Show-1995
                                        TAA Best in show. Portfolio Show--1994
                                        Honorable Mention -Fitchburg Art Museum,  
                                           New England Regional Show-1983           
               Self published- 1984.
               Second edition-1986
               Third edition 1992
             Beverly Furman,   605 Shirley Ave. Norfolk VA 23517,
             Suzanne Watson,  111 Pennsylvania Ave,, Norfolk, VA 23504

​​​​​Included here are some examples of my work, many of which are commissioned pieces. My services include prose and poetry, (plain, illustrated or illuminated,), resolutions, proclamations, Special letters for special people, family trees, coats -of -arms, etc..

Calligraphy Class


Wednesday,September 13, 2017
Beginning & Intermediate Italic and More
$150. for Beginning Students for all 6 weeks
(This includes  pen,  nibs, ink and paper)
$125. for Intermediate Students who have pens for the Italic hand 
This will be a mixture of beginning and advanced calligraphy.
The class on September 13 will for beginners or anyone wanting a refresher in the very basics of calligraphy starting with the Italic hand.
The following 5 classes will be split into 2 1 hour sessions.
The first hour will be devoted to the Italic hand.
The second hour will be individual instruction on other hands-foundational, uncials, black letter, Roman caps., etc. and/or subjects pertaining to calligraphy-color, illumination, golds, etc.
The deadline for signing up is September 6, to give me a chance to order the necessary supplies and materials.

To insure a spot for the class, please call Betsy Kennedy at 757-434-8041 Or email her at
Your check will secure your place